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Top Trends That Homebuyers Want

March 30, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Homebuyers in Morris County have made it abundantly clear that in today’s tough real estate market that their “must” have list of extras now includes efficient, sustainable materials and features that focus on making their home an affordable, comfortable place to live and work. The over the top super mansions are in a thing of the past. People want a better planned out living area both indoors and outdoors. Here are some home trends that homebuyers are looking for:

Green building and sustainability – from recycled materials to water wells and water collection systems, today’s home buyer is concerned with organic, sustainable features. While green building can sometimes be expensive up front, even the cost conscious know that the results may save money in the long run.

Energy efficiency – those who go green are also concerned with sustainable, efficient resources. Buyers want energy efficient appliances and the latest in insulation techniques using spray foam and gels. Not only do they reduce current energy costs, but energy efficient homes help with resale.

Outdoor living areas – more people are staying home these days, and one of the hottest trends is outdoor living areas that create a seamless indoor to outdoor space and include living room style features. From comfortable sofas to televisions and sound systems and creative outdoor cooking areas, the right outdoor space becomes a natural extension of the interior.

Main floor master suites with luxurious baths – now more than ever, home is an oasis for hardworking homeowners, and large masters on the main floor (away from kids rooms or play areas) are key to a homeowner’s satisfaction. Along with the master, buyers are interested in soaker tubs, walk-in showers with seating and dual showerheads.

Home offices – more and more people find themselves telecommuting or working from home in the evenings, and space for a home office has taken priority over traditional home features like formal dining and living and even media rooms. Home buyers seek that unique space that separates work from family living areas.

The terrible economy has forced home buyers’ priorities. The new top trends reflect a new desire for comfort and flexibility. People these days want sustainability and efficiency.


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